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Where We Stand Vol 4


Where We Stand: Volume 4: Programmatic Documents of the Communist Party (Opposition)

New York: Communist Party, USA (Opposition), n.d. [c. Jan. 1935].

Fourth of four editions of the mimeographed theoretical journal of the Communist Party (Opposition).
1. Civil War in Austria: Statement of the National Buro.
2. The Present Situation and the Tasks of the Communists: Resolution, July 1934.
3. The San Francisco General Strike.
4. Independent Unionism Today.
5. The Change in Comintern Tactics and the Tasks of the Communist Opposition: Resolution September 1934.
6. To the National Executive Committee of the Socialist Party of America: Proposal for United Front by the Communist Party (Opposition).
7. Complete Correspondence Between the Communist Party, USA and the Communist Party, USA (Opposition) in Negotiations for Communist Unity.

Published in the United States with no copyright notice in original publication between 1923 and 1977. Public domain.

Collection folkscanomy_politics; folkscanomy; additional_collections


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